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Conjunctivitis treatment?

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Hi guys. Trying to help my old dear out as she struggles since my old man passed away. Her dog has conjunctivitis, I'm going to give her some antibiotics but said she will need some sort of eye drops to sooth her eyes, I'm guessing the tetracycline will help clear it up? Is there any over the counter things I can get for her? Worst case il ltake her to the vet but if its fixable at home I'll sort her out. Thanks in advance gents. 

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She's an old girl now yes. I have tetracycline caps 250mg, what does is a general dose to give? She's about 7kg I'd say. Just reading up online can't find feck all anywhere on doses. I'm assuming 250 is too much? Sorry to sound clueless, I havnt had to use the meds before so just like to be sure not to cause any problems S she's an old girl. I'll put some teabags in the fridge when I get home for her. 

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