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Crow Hawking

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Managed to slip out for a quickie after work. Quick slip on the black stuff and missed it, was having a bit of a fly about getting some lift off the side of a hill. I just reached into the bag for the

Three flights today, good re call once the quarry had put into cover. On the third flight I could feel that the bird was zoned into her quarry, taking a stealth approach, low level until they rose and

A strange one today. Slipped her in high wind, drizzle, wet and windy with intermittent visibility. She disappeared into the fog on her gull, we were tracking her for a couple of hours I suppose. Then

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11 hours ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Keep them coming, bops have always interested me bit never had the time to have one . I find the fact you can see it’s flight pattern and distance amazing 👍

And as said only good Gull is a dead one . 

I agree, just wish I knew someone near by who I could go out and see it in person.

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Today heavy rain, got off work early and wanted to get a kill. First slip hell of a flight on a gull, I saw them fall to the ground when I got to the bird no kill. I think it slipped into the swollen river and made its escape. Bird now wet, I nearly called it a day. Found a ploughed field with a mixture of crows and gulls, thought I'd give it one last go. A decent flight and picked her up on Kill 28 👌


Screenshot_20190924-184026_MyFlight v4.jpg

Kill 28.jpg

Screenshot_20190924-184453_MyFlight v4.jpg

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4 minutes ago, forest of dean redneck said:

Great stuff , the rain we had this morning I wouldn’t have thought  a flight would been possible 👍

It was bad here I sat around waiting for it to blow out then just went for it as it eased slightly.

2 minutes ago, ArchieHood said:

Great read, shame the weather's on the change.

You can still get some action slipping a dry bird from the truck 👍

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