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Fussy eater (Whippet x Greyhound)

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The bicarbs  does help ta shift a build up of  acid fa me potassium neat in this form serves both purposes cramping hypo episodes when used in a good high fat diet in work ,maintainance of the camper his a must and I believe some jukels inherit this from greyhounds that suffer with it. Not all greys suffer with it but lots do. But that's another story.atb bill

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give it some tidy wormers,it looks painfully thin..melt some goose fat or lard over its food,fatty lamb breasts and tripe ,chicken skins etc👍

The first pic she looks a fair bit under weight.a day standing about ferreting in the freezen weather she will feel it. Or 1/2 nights lamping she will be burned out exhausted. Some people th

Or couple tins baked beans 

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Not read all the thread, but my little bitch is a hell of a fussy eater, sometimes she looks like a dog from a rspca advert. Only thing that really helps her is lamb ribs......she looks ace when I can get a supply of these.

I also used to get fresh chicken carcasses, about 20/30 for a fiver..however one morning I came down stairs to sort the dogs out and the floor was covered in blood.....and I mean covered.......she went straight outside to do her business and blood was running through her. Anyway apparently she had picked something up from the chicken, can’t remember what, but I’m sure someoneone here might know. Never understood how as it was defrosted carefully etc, I must have done something wrong, but saying that my other bitch was fine. Couple of days later and she was back to normal.

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