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Interesting wolf tale from John Dudley

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Just listening to a joe Rogan podcast in the garden as I put together a bbq that’s apparently “needing built “ whilst she watches Netflix 

Jesus Christ , good story and the bottom link is for the wolves they discuss after the tale

imagine seeing that out on the lamp at night !! 



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I have wolves literally 20 min drive from my house.

only once have I encountered them during deer season i walked down a game trail then one howled, then another howled from a different position then another howled so then i got the fck from there.

never seen one alive

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On 03/09/2019 at 14:27, Balaur said:

Hmm I'd not want to be killing them, but every man to his sport, guides sounded I'll equipped taking refuse in a den lol. Interesting story, I'd find bears more intimidating some of the stories about being hunted by grizzlys are pretty terrifying. I guess it you're gonna get eaten doesn't matter too much. I was on a mates land in zim, mahogany and avocado but mostly jungle type of stuff, he used to send his boerbel x staffy ahead to find the poachers snares, but also (I found out later) to increase his chances with a leopard as they hunt baboon so take the throat of humans, I didn't do many snare patrols after that, always felt you were being watched haha. Had an opinel with me obviously.

Can't beat a nice opinel, I have three 😄👍

Don't think I'd be stalking through jungle looking for leopards armed with just an opinel though 😐 .......... 😄👍

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On ‎19‎/‎09‎/‎2019 at 02:37, W. Katchum said:

Cowardly cnut😂

I have never seen a Wolf in the Flesh  but years ago in Coventry  there was a posh shop that sold Animal Skins and on the floor were two Wolves dressed out as Rugs , They were massive and nearly pure White , not my thing in fact   I doubt that I could even stand on one but Magnificent all the same .

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