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    • By Chris01
      Hi there am new to this but if the any one that wants to breed there saluki av got dog here for stud how do u put pitchers on here tho 
    • By Shaun bond
      Evening all. Looking to get back into the sport after 8 years off. I’m either after a saluki bull greyhound or a saluki whippet greyhound for lamping rabbit fox occasionally hare. What would be your preferred choice? 
      also where would be best place to look for a decent breeder? Any advice would be appreciated 👍🏻
    • By Harrial2
      4 weeks ago I lost my lurcher who had just turned 10. Out for a walk and he just collapsed and couldn't stand up. Night in the vets and some treatment but there was no change after 24hrs so had to be PTS. Gutted. I'm now looking for another pup and just wandering how you boys  go about finding pups. I kind of keep myself to myself so don't really know of when pups come available. Probably look for something with some bull in it this time.  Thanks
    • By Boss Bella 2019
      Look to stud my working boy from golly line 

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