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 I found. Two dead poults near two different drinkers.  There was a little bit of blood on a feeder near on of them. Both show no signs of be predated upon  no sign of disease. No discharge nothing the waters where cleaned two days ago but these are the first dead birds I have found in the pen. Usually I'd take them to the vet to get checked but the boss doesn't wanna do that  so are there any other signs that could point to a disease ect ?? 

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The first thing I do is feel the breast to see if it’s got any muscle tissue, if it’s sick the weight falls off the beast . Next strip the skin back to see if there is any teeth or claw marks. If it’s a well muscled bird with no signs of injuries then it’s a mystery. Keep your eyes on them and if you see a sick one , catch it still alive and get it to the vet . 

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