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Hi guys just taken over a small family shoot and very short notice  pen areas pretty run down so had to make some new pop wholes with few meterials  done the standard box shape with wings either side and stakes driven through the middle for foxes plus a X wire through the hole in the fence  I didn't have time to make a funnel into the pen do  the birds can get out and indeed some have 6 7   tried walking them in but they where being thick  just got the birds in to day  would I be best trying to build funnels for them  or will it be better to leave them now there in. Thanks 

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Without the funnel the poults will just squeeze outside. Even with a funnel they can get out , but not in volume. Do yourself a favour and spend some time making the funnels . It’s either that or spend time walking them back in . ATB 

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Without funnels as SL says you are up against it mate .The idea is that they don’t find the exit whilst walking the perimeter .

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