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Peoples experiece on bringing a bitch on heat??

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On 20/07/2019 at 15:04, shaneg said:

Just tried her with the dog and he had no interest looks like she came in for a few days and out again 

Try another dog mate

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My little bitch stops bleeding from day 2 but starts bleeding again on about day 15 never had a bitch like it , she was once caught by a dog I had on day 3 and produced a litter of 4 she is the only bitch I've ever known that is like that hopefully she comes back in for you 

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On 20/07/2019 at 10:56, shaneg said:

I’ve a bitch here now came in as normal but after 2 days stopped bleeding but stayed swelling up. I was hoping to bred of her this time. Anyone any experience with this 

Have a bitch here bit similar last year....she bleed for 3 or days didn't swell much didn't take to the dog the was out in a week....feed them lastnight let them her out for a run round with my pups an the f**k dog pup served her....little c**t her showing no signs this time round 

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never had to ----  once one of mine came in the others followed  suit . known it with change of  food and once had a mates dog here that had`nt had a season at 3 year old come in ... i dont think you can force a proper full  season ...

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