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    • By dax17
      Is anyone aware of Fallow deer in or around Annandale area Lockerbie area ??
      or can anyone advise me of nearby sightings please as i would like an idea of where they are 
    • By Baldcoot
      Driving back from Sunday dinner not 5 miles away at the side of the road rooting up where the council removed storm damaged trees a big hairy assed wild boar tusks an all me n the Mrs both saying WTF at the same time .Being in a line of cars couldnt stop and take a piccy .But deffo go back Monday evening with the camera .Checked with the local special breeds man and his are all locked up indoors .Someone,s going to be making their own sausages down that way 
    • By wambamboo
      Hi Lads,
      I was out lamping on my own last night,after fox,With the .223 and the hand held 170. As per my norm, I got into a few difficulties lamping and shooting.on my own.
      I am thinking of getting a scope mounted 170.But I cant see a variable option are they available????? I will be mounting it on a centrefire and a rimfire. Any advice welcome.
      I was wondering what the boys who lamp single handed use??
      Thanks in advance
    • By dax17
      HI Guys

      i have just received my variation to give me a 2506 im thinnking of purchasing a Sako Finnlight and was wondering if anyone using this gun and caliber and if they could reccommend any rounds that have been proved as suitable and accurate or does anyone think there is a better rifle out there compared to Sako Finnlight ??

      thanks for any help guys
    • By bbjaccov5
      This i a review of my Titan 6. I will try to use good English.
      I have been shooting the titan 6 for about 8 month's now.
      Now i can really tell if this rifle is good or not.
      My rifle specifications and set up:
      Titan 6
      .243 winchester
      19mm semi weight barrel (65cm)
      Single set trigger
      Luxes wood stock
      EAW mounts
      Swarovski z6i 2.5-15x56
      Harris 6-9 inch bipod

      Pro's and Con's
      + Very nice looking rifles
      + Great accuracy
      + Great trigger
      + Superb bolt cycling (never seen better)
      + You can make your own style gun at www.titan6.com
      + Quick changeable barrel
      + Good service
      - Plastic parts
      - Trouble putting 3 bullets in magazine (explain later)
      - Bit picky on ammo choice
      -/+ Long bolt cycling, for me this is no con but some people may think it is.
      With my rifle i shot over 400 times now. So far it never lost zero and always shooting great. The only time i had some trouble with the gun was when putting 3 bullets in the magazine. The spring in the mag was getting so much tension that it pushed the first bullet out before it was fully lined up with the chamber resulting in a jam.
      When i contacted Rossler about this they sended me a new magazin for free within a week! So the service of this company is great! Also email contact with the factory is very good and fast.
      When i first looked at the pictures of the titan i really liked the looks. But when i started to read reviews and tests of the titan i started second guessing myself. Some reviews where really positive but some where terrible.
      Here in Holland titan is not popular (i think in Great Britain it's the same?) so some shooting with the rifle or even seeing it before i bought it was a problem.
      After several months of thinking and doubting i ordered the gun. Until today i am so happy it bought this gun. I shot with a tikka t3 next to mine and the tikka felt like a toy gun.
      Shooting from the bipod is great with my gun but shooting free handed is almost impossible due to the heavy barrel. The gun mounted with the swarovski weights: 4.4 kilo's. However the same gun without the heavy barrel and scope only weights 3 kilo's
      When i first tested the rifle i bought 3 different brand of ammo: Sako grain (i think), Norma 58 grain vmax, Winchester ballistic silvertip 95 grian. The first two would not group as i hoped, they both did over 1 inch to 2 inch groups at 110 yards. But the winchesters made nice clover leaf groups. So i zeroed the gun with the winchesters and started shooting groups at 110 yards. After that i started shooting a 220 yards and the groups where still great (about 1,5 inch) then i pushed is further to 273 yards and the groups where still about 2 inch! At 330 yards the groups remained to be at about 2 inch. However i had some flyers but it's not the rifle who did that. Sorry for the strange ranges but in Holland we use meters instead of yards. I'm sure the rifle could produce even better groups i i took the time for it.
      I now have shot crows from 100 yards upto 400 yards! And i have to say that hitting a crow sized target up to 300 yards is not a problem at all if there are no strong winds. Every time i pull the trigger the guns brings a big smile on my face! Everything from the looks, handling, cycling of the bolt to the accuracy is great in my eyes!
      Why these guns are not that popular i don't know. In my opinion these titans are some of the best guns for the money!
      Here are some pictures of the rifle:

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