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It will be either the fill valve or the oring where the cylinder screws into the action, easy fix, I've just repaired 1 for someone 2 days ago, if you were local I would have said fetch it over !

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7 minutes ago, countryboy said:

Hi all , just got it out and no air on gauge ,topped up and can see gauge dropping as I sit with it, 

is this something I can fix or is it back to shop for repair ?

I cannot see or hear where it’s coming from either.




Put a bit of washing up liquid in the fill port on both sides if its not that chances are its the little o ring that sits behind the air cylinder

to get to the little o ring you will need to take the stock off and unscrew the cylinder off

you will here a sharp release of air but dont worry you do not need to decant the air out of the cylinder

when fitting the cylinder back on put a little grease on the o ring first .


if its leaking from the fill port you will need to decant the air first

then strip the cylinder chances are its just a bit of dirt getting under the o ring in there


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