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Adjustable comb...Is it worth it?

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Afternoon Guys,

Looking for a few opinions on whether or not its worth having a adjustable comb fitting to my stock?

I've been shooting for most of my youth and was once a pretty decent shot with my old Lincoln....then i had a brainwave and decided to buy a new gun (which i chopped the old Lincoln in for), i took to the clay ground with my new pride and joy to find my scores tumble dramatically, i gave it a fair chance to no avail and then put the gun in the cabinet and stopped shooting for a few years (not just because of the gun).

I'm now chomping at the bit to get back to the shooting ground but obviously still have the issue with the gun.

The gun in question is a Winchester Select sporting 30" which if i remember correctly cost me around £1100, here's where i need the advise. Am i better off fitting a adjustable comb to the Winchester or chopping it in for a gun that already has one? which is more financially viable? also can anyone recommend a good gunsmith that can carry out the alterations? 



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Or get measured up/fitted and then by a new gun accordingly??

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Id look at a comb 

had on fitted on the brettea and it made a huge diffrence 

+ cheaper than a new gun 


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