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1 minute ago, Our team said:

It can't with a ferret up its ass lol 

Ofcourse it can, Iv saw rats turn round an face a ferret an ferret jacks. No 2 rat tunnels are the same anyways so to try generalise them is daft😉 


when was last time you ferreted or killed w rat with a terrier 😁

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6 minutes ago, Our team said:

Yonks ago.   To be fair  I'm not into ratting. Need to jab up all time round them shitty things.. 

No ye don’t 😉

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4 minutes ago, Our team said:

This jab thing again hey.  That's what some say on here.  Depends if get bit all time I supose. It's a safety thing..  Chicken farm rats. I'm sure they cleaner. But what is a dirty rat  road side. Rubbish  dump. Ect... 



Don’t need jabs unless a bite gets infected mate an half decent animal husbandry an care stops them getting infected, my lads bitch had had a fair few rats now an never needed a jab. Used a bit cream a few times tho jist to help some heal quicker so he can take her out again, an I know guys who gave my lad the pup are killing atleast 10’times more than us an still don’t need to jab or if they do it’s very rare 😉

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2 minutes ago, stormyboy said:

Jab up with what?

And yeah, bolting weight 😂😂😂

Penicillin I I’m sure

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