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Any new birds this season

George h 87

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11 hours ago, Elchapo said:

I couldn’t live with a imprint, the noise would drive me insane lol my mate as two imprint a mae and female finish , Male silent female sings like Tina Turner when in mews or garden 

Yes I've seen a few bad nasty imprints I was just lucky with her I guess I might do my own fresh gos this year and imprint it myself I've imprinted falcons and spars and aslong as u dont food imprint them they are usually fine 

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Big girl on her 4th crow tonight out the hood 

Anybody getting a new bird for this season ive not long got new female gos buteoides bred by jorg freye shes 6 year old cant wait to pull her 

Just picked up a Pere Gyr Saker fancied a change.  

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6 hours ago, George h 87 said:

Shes still mint always tail guarded on kill and kept on raptor post in flying season free lofted for molt 

Looks like you have a good regime with her George, nice one. I'm looking for a Gos at the minute.

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1 hour ago, George h 87 said:

3lb 2 mate she was good on game and rabbits never flew a hare with her but reckon she would take one at that weight 

My mentors mate has a female flies same weight sh3 had a few hares , some weight to carry round all day tho lol 

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