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    • By Josh1990
      I was playing with a tennis ball in the garden with my dog and when he tried to pick up the ball he yelped and didn’t wanna play no more and his tail went in like he was scared so as I went to check his mouth he cries when I open it, I’ve tried to feed him and he eats but he doesn’t want to open his mouth too wide he nibbles on his food? Any help? 
    • By ~The Foxyjo~
      If anyone sees Fairgame at all, can they please, please ask him to get in touch with Foxy in Devon as soon as possible. I realise it's a bit of a blast from the past, but I would be so grateful if anyone can help. 
      Many thanks.
    • By tillylamp
      went out for a drive today and stumbled upon a sand sculpture competition, some very talented people.......

    • By Simon Duhig
    • By Vassilis
      I open this thread to give a tribute to the great guys that made possible for us to hunt and enjoy the mountain!
      First, the best for me John M. Browning

      It really worths the time to watch it!!