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    • By troyboy17
      Does a mk 3 terrier collar work with mk 1 grey box
    • By Harry255
      Wandering what you guys think is the best way to enter a terrier. My bitch is 1 and a half had her going ratting most weeks since last November and wanna  give her a go on something else. Lots off people have be saying build a tunnel and lots have been saying go find a fox earth and see what’s she does. Wandering what’s the best way to prep her and that.  Cheers 
    • By Bosun11
      Photo from the first International WT Match, held at the Welsh GF.
      I don't recall the year but know it must have been near 30 years ago.

    • By Aceofspades
      As title says anyone know the dosage of  amoxicillin per kg or lbs of body weight. It's for a ear infection. Can't get a clear answer online 
    • By Bosun11
      Only because i seen a topic abut these islands in the fishing section and remember that John Park sent over two youngsters to deal with a fox problem after the war (1980's!)
      Not read the Park book by Frein as yet, so anyone know how they got on...?
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