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Never thought I would be asking this question but thinking about PCP.

I've only ever had springers. 

What should I be looking at for around £400. I suspect not a lot new for my budget.

 Thank you.


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Ok, I may be a little out of touch but as far as I'm aware you will struggle with a NEW PCP for £400.

As bigmac 97kt suggests, your best bet would be to try and save a bit more and/or check the used market!

Good luck!


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Country ways gun shop in Kent were doing the new Gamo boxer for £469 but the Gamo phox comes with everything for just under £500.

ps I have a bsa ultra 22 ( single shot) it’s had less than a hundred pellets through it still in brand new condition  comes with a 4-16-50 ir hawke eclipse scope and gun bag  £350

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23 hours ago, timmytree said:

I've had a phox for 9 months now, I can't fault it. It's accurate and quiet, certainly better than the S200 it replaced.

You must have had a BAD S200 because they are way better made than any Gamo in terms of build quality and supreme accuracy.


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2 hours ago, secretagentmole said:

Gamo GX40!


£288 buys you this...



We put a spare scope on it and got this...



But £120 should see you with a scope and a gun, depending where you shop...

Seems a deal, I don't know anything about these, an update after a bit of use would be great! :thumbs:

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29 minutes ago, Deker said:

Seems a deal, I don't know anything about these, an update after a bit of use would be great! :thumbs:

Basically it is a Gamo Phox without the silencer, scope, pump and bag!

Stuck a Deben Whisper High Performance on it and the noise emitted was similar if not quieter than my Daystate X2...


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