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For what it's worth, cats really aren't my thing.... my brother has the biggest twat of a cat I've ever cone across, he kills everything...from mice to pigeons and everything in between... id have him up my place around the barns to keep the rodents down but I think he'd kill the dogs....Greyman would like this one!! Lol...

Got to agree about the difference in standards between keeping dogs and cats...they are a f***ing pain....and amongst every good cat owner some don't give a shit, unfortunately the cats shit everywhere but their own garden...lol...

Still....I've never intentionally hurt one and never would...it's still some muppets pet...

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On ‎18‎/‎05‎/‎2019 at 11:11, shaaark said:

I find it laughable, and hypocritical, that cats are allowed to roam where they like, but dogs aint. No-one, these days anyway, would be allowed to let their dogs  roam the streets like they used to up until the 80's I think, when dog wardens popped up on the scene. Not saying anyone should let their dogs freely roam the streets, of course not. But why cats are allowed to do so, especially knowing how much damage they do to the songbird population and wildlife in general, is beyond me.


I remember talking to an old fella when years ago when  I was walking my bullterrier, he said when he was a kid in Islington probably in the 1950's, a black Lab and a bullterrier were pals and every morning would take themselves off, he said people would see them in the west end, south of the river all over the place then they'd be back in the evening.

I've had cats about the place most of my life, saves taking up the floorboards when you poison the mice! When my cats have gone missing it's a shame but hey ho, different story if it was my dog though!

my dogs have usually been ok with my cats, the cats have to learn their place, any other cats that's a different story!

ps about the original post how lucky would you be to have a cat that earned you millions, the most I've got from one of my cats is a wood pigeon breast and very nice it was too!

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