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Link don’t work ferret. For me anyway. 

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I had a chat with BASC at the Northern Shooting Show and asked why the hell did they not get involved before NE revoked the three GL's

The response was that BASC were made aware of the demand placed on NE and were waiting for the dates to be confirmed for the various organisations to meet and talk the situation through, the call never came and the first thing they heard is what we heard and the same time. Link this with the fact that it is said that the Packman crew demanded changes for the GL's at the renewal date in 2020, so we can put this almighty mess at the NE management which I understand has now changed.

Packman is still a ignorant fool but I feel NE are the ones to cock things up.


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1 hour ago, timmytree said:


That letter is just a wishlist, hopefully DEFRA will take notice.

Your like the one that reads the stuff that we cant be arsed too and then just lets us know in a simple sentence 😁

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