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Plenty about here at the moment, but said to say I suspect once the numbers are up the dreaded myxi or vhd or both will knock the numbers down. Just in time for winter as usual, i hope not but going on previous years it appears to be the norm.2019-04-19_10-22-35.jpg.81fdbf5fbdb2fc3a757a2e9e60b9833f.jpg

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I wish the local nobbers around here would educate themselves. Summer time i see a good few this year, but you know the local nobbers with airguns are still going around shooting them out the car window or running thier best thing since sliced bread dog on a squatting rabbit the size of your fist, dogging the same holes. First frost comes, dogs are for sale, and its back to the pubs and clubs. And people wonder why theres bugger all around my way. I find a punch to the throat works but been in enough bother this year as it is unfortunatly.

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