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Temperament change

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Last year i bred a litter from my hob, and kept 4 of the kits. They have been worked since early doors and handled every day. The ones i kept were the less bitey ones as kits since i didnt want an accident with the kids. Up until a few weeks ago they were like dogs, i could play with them and rub their bellies and let them crawl all over. Now 3 of them have completely changed. You literally cant get near them without them going for you and ive even been bitten in the leg. Nothing has changed with their diet, they go in their run every day. Only thing different is Ive stopped working them since i finished my season about 2 month ago. Any ideas?

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Hormones most likely. My two hobs have one thing on there mind though are not bitey about things and still good in that respect

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Aye hormones unless there shagging there usually sleeping 20 hours a day 

But i went threw mine last weekend and cut there nails and stripped them that were moulting out they could of been uncomfortable with there long coats on and the high temperatures 

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