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I’m after a bit of advice

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21 minutes ago, si brown said:

did you ever do anything with that one you bought...sorry got given😂


Nope. Never been fired. Well I say fired, I mean pfftd. 

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6 hours ago, walshie said:

Don't do it Stavross. Don't become one of "them" puff-gunning homosexuals.  :whistling:

About time you fcuck off on holiday again 🤪

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Stavross, did you make a decision?

I've got an HW95 sitting idle at my mum's place in Norfolk.  Given that I live down under now, it's not going to get any use any time soon.  It's .22 calibre.  I've had it from new, which is a lot of years, but it's in great nick - was tuned by Steve Pope at Vmach a few years ago and hasn't fired more than 500 shots since then.  I don't really want to let it go, but importing it to Australia is close to impossible, so I've given up on that dream.

I refinished the stock years ago so it looks unique - quite a light colour.  No scope with it though.  I'll send pictures by PM if you'd like to see.

£110 delivered by parcelforce.


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This offer of Ron above is mint👍

The 95’s are a bloody good bit of kit 

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I’ve messaged him for some pictures, I think this right up my street 👍

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