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Aviary mesh painting black

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4 hours ago, fireman said:

That is pleasing to hear and he was a proper gent when he visited and chose what he needed rather than what he could have had and that showed something about the man :thumbs:,i lost my phone book with his number in and funny as it might sound when i drive to Portsmouth to see my mum i go past on the motorway W.A. where he lives and think of him and how he's doing with the birds,W.A. was a place i lived as a kid before the motorway was built so i do notice the place anyway as such and not just a odd thinker about members of your family :laugh:..

He,s a good chap who knows his manners mate i wouldnt have him around if he didnt family or not 😉

If and when you get back into the birds Fireman he,ll sort you out some birds no question about it.....its a smashing little hobby i found it really enjoyable watching how nature works close up it was almost a privilege to keep them.

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Yer the plastic sheets just a wind break will hopefully get them off this weekend weather meant to be getting warmer it's nice to chill with a beer and watch them going about there business no better way to relax after a day out wit ferrets and lurchers and the singing they do is great to listen too it's one of the only things that makes me sit still for hour when I get chance atb taffey 

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