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I still have my first air rifle, a Stoeger X20S, but she suffered a broken spring a little while ago. My friend fitted a Titan 11, but it's left the gun 'rather twangy', shall we say.

He suggested that I re-lube, as he only uses it very, very sparingly. I can strip the old girl down, so thought I'd do it myself this time, but I'm not sure which lubricant to use where. The most appropriate items I have at my disposal are Abbey moly, lithium grease and a good quality gun oil.

Which parts should I lube (with what), and which not ?

I know which part is which, but pease bear in mind that I'm Life President of the " I don't do technical" club !

So, assuming that I've cleaned and degreased everything, rest to start again, it's over to you, lads......


Thanks in advance.

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Alright, keep your hair on.

........ Maybe no one knows that rifle.


Basic advice would be to strip it, clean up the innards and, put a light film of moly on the spring and round the piston seal.


To reduce twang, you may need a better (slightly tighter) spring guide or, a piston sleeve (made from ally or plastic sheet.

Either will reduce space around the spring and help to dampen the resonance (twang).


If you're going to take it apart, you may as well do both. 

 .......... There's some good videos on YouTube about making a sleeve.

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