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show us your hunting knives and multitools

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I forgot about a small skinning knife that Chris Reade gave me to try , I’ve used it a few times and it’s very good . Super sharp , and stays that way , it fits in your hand nicely and is just the job

Here is a knife that I had made by a friend of mine Chris Reade , it holds an insane edge for ages . More interesting is the sheath , the old sheath got loose over time and the knife could fall out .

ok i will start show us your hunting knife and or multi tools you use hunting mine is a stiper knife,over 12 years old,paid 50 quid for it,this knife has seen a lot of action and is sti

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Here's a couple of mine, I randomly found from over the years.

Left to right : Gerber (too large but like it for if ever I kill a yeti) Anglo Arms (present from a son, never used) Winchester (nice feel and easy to use) Camillus (very nice lightweight deer grallocher/skinner) Mora (very nice field dresser and fish knife) Ridge runner(compact nice gutting/skinner set) 2 x Master USA (general purpose lockers)

I've loads more, but if they're not at hand they ain't no good 😉

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Think many of us have a 'thing' for knives. I've always had, since i was a kid and thankfully, i had a grandad who let me have what i could afford.

Though i love some of these hand crafted jobs my fave knife, that i've never owned, is the Puma White Hunter. For me it's just perfection, i love the look of them. Not that it'd be much use to me over here but one day i'm gonna own one. The Puma range is well worth a look.

I remember reading Ted Walsh's fantastic Lurchers and Longdogs book as a kid in the early 80's and Ted writing about the worth of a good knife and ending with the sentence "Puma make good knives"

I've been a Puma fan ever since...




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Got loads of knives but best ive owned is a tripe knife. Mainly by cheap ones when i see em i do like a folder that can be opened with one hand.i dont use opinels no more rubbish if you can open them they will only snap on ya.

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