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New kits first day out

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Woke up to a beautiful morning so decided today would be the day to take a few off my new kits as well as more experienced ferrets out for a quick hunt before the weather got to hot.grabbed one of my white hobs and 3 white gills kits as well as 2 polecat gills and headed out with the misses.just a short drive from my place and arrived to see bunnies everywhere which isn’t unusual in this particular spot as there use to seeing plenty off joggers and the like.found a couple of sandy warrens the pics don’t show much but there were holes all over the place put out the purse nets set up the long net and dropped in the newbies.sitting there with the misses in anticipation for ages without any sign off movement and than 2 bolted out hit the long nets followed by another.ended up doing two large warrens before it stated to get hot all the kits went well for there first day out really happy they performed well and a good brace off bunnies for the day.



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Don't mind me asking but do you come across many snakes in those berries,  do you have to carry like a 1st aid kit just in case you get bit or something ? But apart from that looks like you have had a good morning work well done pal 👍 

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Nice going mate , but i thought in Oz you put them into wire cages and didn't kill then to keep them fresh ?>


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Depends on we’re your hunting mate I’m always always wary about snakes and carry a snake bite kit but in saying that it’s pretty rare to come across one as they bugger off when they sense any noise.and as for the bunnies there usually dispatched and gutted and put on ice asap to stop them getting fly blown or spoiling in the heat.

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