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Worst mole trap ever, for me ! (Putange)

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Blimey that's a reply and a half Clive! 😁

I think we would have gone for it without a doubt twenty years ago. 

I still like the idea of buying a little place over there and spending what time we can there. As I'm slowly slipping into semi retirement I'm getting more time on my hands. Mel being a chimney sweep is crazy busy eight months of the year, but we get a few months where we could slip away.

The smallholding here takes up a huge amount of time and effort, but looks like I may have found a guy that might want a few hours locally.

I give a lot of mole work away now also to a good mate who is just starting out, he's keen as mustard.

What on earth are you going to do with all your time if you retire? Going fishing?

Lunching out? Lovely.



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Pest Controller and Chimney Sweep - Ker-ching! You'd never be short of work out here. 😁

I only do two days a week at most, quite often two days a fortnight is enough to keep on top of the job. I've done 15 calls today and still had time for a couple of hours fishing along the way. 11 calls tomorrow, and then off to the Dordogne valley in the motorhome Thursday until Monday. I'll only need half a day to catch up next week so I might get a bit of fishing in once I've painted the bedroom. If I were to do more rodents and start doing insect work too it would be a full time occupation, but I don't need the hassle.

If you are looking for a little do-er upper over here I'd suggest looking at the Notaire's national website: https://www.immobilier.notaires.fr/fr/annonces-immobilieres-liste?prixMin=15000&prixMax=40000&typeTransaction=VENTE,VNI,VAE&page=1&parPage=12&typeBien=MAI

Also Le Bon Coin: https://www.leboncoin.fr/

But that one is a bit harder to navigate.  Don't take any of the prices as firm. We made a 'Yorkshire Offer' on ours. The Notaire laughed when we went in at half price, but we were the ones laughing at the end 😉

Hope everything goes well for you.

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must say I like france ...toured all round it a good few times camping mostly....wild swimming in lakes and rivers....it is a beautifull country.....one thing I dislike about it....but admire them for at the same time.....is shops closing at 5.....feckers..lol

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That's pretty much us too. We find what is now termed 'Wild Camping' spots and park up for a few days off grid for a bit of walking and swimming in the rivers. Not be doing that this week though. The water temp' won't be much over 12C 😮 

The small shops round here are open 0700 - 1900 with a couple of hours off for lunch.

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