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abbyfeale hunting festival

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its usual on this time every year I haven't been down for couple year now but had some good days down anyone of here down for it

who's hunting it this year suppose all the usual packs macrooms cirrickregshane

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Me and a few lads would like to go down I someone could pm me the dates and with are the best days to go would be much appreciated  thanks 

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4 hours ago, Bryan said:

This is very sad, the Abbeyfeale Harriers work very hard each year to organise and run this festival and I'm sure they have made a valuable contribution towards the Irish Cancer Society over the years.

The antis would prefer to see people die and suffer from lack of funding that could provide supports to cancer patients and research treatments and cures, rather than see a fox hunted 

We live in a very strange and sad world, where vermin is considered more important than sick people

Why do people listen and bow to the pressures of an ignorant loud mouthed minority like the antis rather than the common sense approach of the silent majority?

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