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Foxpack 2

Few old pics of some great animals

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7 hours ago, Foxpack 2 said:

Killed a lot of foxes with these to back in late 90,s ,sadly gone and nothing with there blood in either 


Like them 2 look capable of any job  what's was in them?

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Dog on left was bull whippet with touch of greyhound ,dog on right was bull grey x saluki grey .both good animals. Had a lot of good nights with them 2.funnily enough .I lost a good  job and decent girlfriend back then due to being to mad on lamping 🤣. Bird couldn't see my point of view and job wouldn't let me start at midday .

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IMG-20180716-WA0030.thumb.jpeg.9c1f2123646b1c2eb6ba921583029fb1.jpegRed dog in the pic like a bitch I have dunno what's in her but it's good stuff... Sadly will not go in pup 

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A44036FE-69B1-44BB-9985-105CF56E5606.jpeg.d65a1926b46b99c1d9b0f60159922220.jpegmy first and only lurcher   first cross was supriseingly quick to say he had flat feet he’s been gone a good 12 years now thieves took him out of kennel and left terrier pup in run next to him that was last dog that lived outside my house 

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