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New - 12mm 1080P NV007 Night Vision Models

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Due to interest we are now offering a 12mm model as well as the standard 16mm.

The 12mm produces a finer reticule, with less magnification, it also allows better focus adjustment under 20yds for airgun use and slightly more field of view at the same magnification.

The 16mm has slightly more magnification so its plus point is it gives a bigger image than the 12mm on the same scope magnification, so this mean you can use a lower optical magnification on your day scope allowing more IR through, useful if you want to shoot out to longer ranges 200-400yds as you can use a less scope magnification as mentioned.


12mm -  6x optical day scope magnification equivalent to around 7x

12mm - 4x optical day scope magnification equivalent to around 4.5-5x (More field of view at closer range)

16mm - 4x optical day scope magnification equivalent to around 7x - (Less field of view at closer ranges)

For ratting if you want to use 3x-4x then 12mm will give you more field of view on the 16mm on 4x it will be more like 7x. It also allows better focus adjustment for sharpness under 20yds using a 12mm lens.

Both have the same overall unit and camera, sensor etc and both work very well on all calibers from airgun to centre fire.

If the majority of your shooting is airgun or rimfire OR you prefer slightly less magnification on the reticule go for the 12mm

If you prefer to use higher magnification range go with the 16mm as you can keep the optical magnification down to allow more IR through whilst still getting the same size target as a 12mm on a higher magnification . Or if your going to be taking longer range shots at higher magnification, for example foxing out to 350yds.

Both work very well regardless and it's down to personal preference when making a purchase.





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Special offer for forum members use 1080P coupon code to purchase for £349.99 including free shims and free next day delivery.

16mm Unit


12mm Unit



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Could I still use this code if I came to the store? Only in Stockton, been looking into these for a while and they get really good reviews, this k it go for the 16mm option 

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