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Another foreigner over here😱

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New pup from Spain, hoping it does as well as the older one has🤞   

One boy and his Galgo. 

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How old is she now? Looks very leggy

Mine is just over 7 months old now and weighs about 24kg...going to be a big one. 

What's her recall like? As soon as mine sees another dog he's off and there's no way of getting him back, on his own or with my other dog he's fine though. Because of his immaturity I guess, very easily distracted...

Already faster than my whippet on rough/difficult ground, very clumsy still though!

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24 minutes ago, skycat said:

Yes, a sickening reminder of what we have lost. Still angry after all these years.  But great to see these dogs in action. Are their coursing rules similar or the same to ours?

Yes, pretty much the same, they tend to give a long old law as the rounds progress but the ground allows the long runs and they're bred to stay 👍.  

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20 minutes ago, sandymere said:

Yes she's definitely growing into her self now. Stared putting a proper shift in. 

Good looking hound, what size and weight is she? was thinking for an all rounder on the lamp in about 4/5 years when I semi retire.


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