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Air arms galhad

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Not the first choice on a hunting lads shopping list to be fair.

                Air Arms - i`d go Ultimate Sporter, regulated.

               PCP, i`d still go HW 100 in any format and i cant see my opinion on that changing for a long time.


                Good luck Dazzer  :good:



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Did you not see our replies in your other exactly named post (with same misspelling) and question in the other thread Darrrrrrun?! 

Not that our opinions make your decision for you, of course, but its like it wasn’t worth asking the first time 😁

How much did ya fork out at the deposit for one? 

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I'm sure it will be alright, Air Arms make a nice rifke. But, sage advice my young friend is, check out a gun thoroughly on the web reviews and ask the questions  BEFORE you part with a considerable sum of hard earned cash for it. 

Gun shop owners are not going to tell you it's downsides now, are they?!

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So picked up my gallahd 2 weeks ago 

The ungregaluted one 177 

And i must say wow what a rifle im.a big aor arm fan and it really is outstanding 

Toped it with a mtc viper pro scope 

The loading is superbly made u can do target amd keep your eye on the target 

Its very heavey but well balenced 

Im hitting 5p at 60/70 yards 


The onw problem i had was the magazine not indexing propeley so i replaced it with a s510 one and it works bang on now 


I would give the gallahd 9-10 as of the weight of it 

I would say money well spent 



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Hi,,,I had the top the the range walnut sr in 177,,,nothing but trouble with it,,,brand new gun and kept blowing the breech seal, ,,never again,,,if the cocking lever drops slightly and you shoot the gun the damn seal goes,I had to put my hand under the lever to stop it dropping,,,I moved it from the right side to the left side so I could rest my hand under it,,,worst idea from airarms,,,,you could easily knock it when out,,I wouldnt have another galahad,,,

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