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After a young dog

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I've a young unspoilt bitch here you can have pal.....save yourself a few grand having one sent over....they all terrier gods on here ,some can even guide the quarry to ground with a selective shot ab

Good old boy DC and don't feck the dog or the man over Mr r3d 👍,if it don't work out for you it goes back is the unwritten rule all gifted terriers come with to US ALL mate.The very best of luck with

black bitch,had rats,been tied up and had a listen,just not had anywhere easy to start her off.lives out,quiet and bombproof with other dogs.ive been given the chance and sorted out over the years....

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14 minutes ago, Dig-deep-draw-charlie said:

To be honest mate it’s probably the wrong time of year to be looking a young dog,  just don’t rush into anything! 

Im not in any major rush i could get a oup today from gumtree but as i said i would rather kbow its come from workers and not just some fat sofa surfers 

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40 minutes ago, liamdelaney said:

ABC your a very angry man,you should talk to your Therapist(I heard most Americans have one) First off I did not say your dogs came from Peddlers,or that you were a stupid Yank(Yank is a derogatory word that insults Americans so I would not use it)I never bragged about sending dogs to the States,nobody would want my dogs in the States,I am not FAMOUS like the people from this side who tell ye how famous they are and how many HOFs they bred,my dogs also have no peds,,so bottom line if I was depending on selling my dogs to the States I would die of starvation.So come on dont be getting excited and calling me a f**k and a lowlife,Im a very sensitive sort of guy.

I can tell your sensitive little buddy.  So I apologize

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3 hours ago, Ace Boone coon said:

I can already tell you the answer will be no.😁 everytime someone ask on here no one has anything to gift😅😅

I’ve been sorted more than a few times due to this site and it’s members. Just because don’t tell you doesn’t mean otherwise.

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28 minutes ago, tank34 said:

Some good lads on here I payed for my terrier pup man gave me £20 an jabs for pup back an 12 or so months later sent my money back lad never met me in his life was very nice of man to give my money back an can have pup gifted for lads if I need one in future , same if I have a litter both lads are well come to pups for free , not all bad on here abc 

I know not all are bad on here but less keep it there is a lot of shit talkers and we all know this.  

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5 minutes ago, Ace Boone coon said:

I know not all are bad on here but less keep it there is a lot of shit talkers and we all know this.  

There are some decent lads on here who will help if u got a question about somthing ect but there are alot of shit talkers aswell its the same in any walk of life and i will say again i am not looking the scrounge a dog of any one i just want to know what im getting i ent botherd in any way what the dog looks like and im not overly fussed on the breed aslong as it does its job 

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7 hours ago, dogmandont said:

I’d cull before I’d gift or sell to a stranger.

This is why people find it  so hard to get good pups we all don't no people in the game or who have good stuff , not all strangers are wankers some of us stick to are word , would rather spend time finding homes then cull , how do you no you not culled the pup that could be the best out of the litter or the only worker ? 

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