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Dorset hind cull

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This last weekend gone I was lucky enough to accompany Matt down to his patch in beautiful Dorset . He has recently gained more land on the strength of his efforts elsewhere . This new landowner really doesn’t like deer or rather the damage too many can do to natural habitat . The woodland has a perfect mix of deciduous and coniferous plantings at all stage of growth but previous owners have neglected to cull appropriately resulting in a marked browse line and stunted regrowth .we arrived at the ground with minutes to spare before shootable light 

Inside the wood we both stalked the same top ride , a method that’s worked well before , each scanning a side with bins at a real steady pace . Wasn’t long before Matt spotted two hinds his side and on sticks to neck shoot the pair , cracking start . Next was a roe doe bit further on that met same fate . Around a bend it was my turn and I spotted two more young hinds staring at us from about 60 yds . Eased on the quad sticks and shot the nearest hind in the neck . At this stage I’d like to make it clear sika stalking is one of hardest forms I’ve found and I don’t want anyone to think it was a case of running round shooting deer

The four deer were left at a junction of the ride for collection later with the truck .

Down a hill following another ride I spotted a decent group of deer back in under a conifer stand about 100 yds and at first unaware of us . We stalked in to maybe 80yds and both set up on sticks to await any chance presenting itself . I clocked a hind face on and shot her through the neck , quickly followed by another as they milled about . By now they had moved back a bit but refused to move on , whistling alarm instead . Matt shot another through the neck before silence reined once again 






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Not finished yet lol 

After collecting the previous days bag from a makeshift chiller and those we had Sunday we headed back to home calling in to my game dealer on the way with 13 deer . 





Kept back two small hinds and the roe for ourselves . 

Many thanks mate , an outing not to be forgotten in a hurry 

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Your right about it being work mate . We did see a stag but were happy to leave it as he was a fine animal . He came to a call but remained in the bracken about 100 yds away . Could of shiot him but we were both happy to watch him instead . 

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Work it was - they don’t give themselves up the sika but the effort paid off. Working in pairs is really effective in the forrest as if one of you can’t make out the target due to the trees the other generally could. Also they can take a bullet so the follow up is easier with two... not to mention the drag out!

My last shot was a bit scary mind you... perfect head shot at 100m off the sticks bit when I can to eject the casing i realised how fortunate I really was!



Great company, good teamwork and a very happy landowner. 

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Great effort , multiple kills especially on sika takes some doing , they always seem the most alert of all the deer .During my park days they always seemed to ball up , but never stop moving .. thats definitely a good days work . 

Cheap ammo Matt ...😂 

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Cheep it certainly isn’t😂... need to exercise a little more discipline with my loading process I think😬

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5 hours ago, forest of dean redneck said:

To much bang bang powder? 😂

Not brushing out the necks before fl sizing which stresses the brass too much (wondered why it was a little stiff🤪). As for the bang powder I’ve been getting more velocity than I should be from the amount of powder I ‘thought’ I was using. Deadly accurate for both me and the deer nearly!

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Nice going mate thats going to thin then out a bit 

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