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Ferreting rabbits with lurcher pup

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In this video I'm out ferreting for rabbits with Ryan and his lurcher pup Max. Its Max's first day out ferreting with Longnets.

We return back to Ryans permission which has open warrens and is perfect for hunting rabbits. Ryan start by surrounding the warrens with a 50 yard Longnet and a ten yard stop net which has a leaded bottom line from Rabbitfever.co.uk

Max is a natural at jumping the longnets and is also friends with the ferrets. Ryan lets him have a sniff around the rabbit holes but when Ryan enters the ferrets he puts Max in position to observe the rabbit warren whilst we let the ferrets work the warren and evict any rabbits that are at home.

The rabbits bolt really well and we quickly build up a decent bag of rabbits. Max chases the rabbits as they bolt into the nets. We have a couple shallow digs when the rabbits refuse to bolt. A shallow dig is very lucky because these warrens can be really deep.

We move onto a warren close to a stone wall. Parts of the wall has collapsed due to the rabbits digging beneath it. We use a few purse nets along with the long net and we manage another 8 rabbits without missing any.

We ferret a couple more warrens before putting Max back into the car whilst me and Ryan ferret without him on some more open warrens.  Here we could do with the longnet because we lose a couple rabbits that kick themselves free from the purse nets.

We have another great day, Ryan could have used an experienced dog but these warrens are perfect for starting a youngster. I'm sure Max enjoyed his day out ferreting and I will be back out with him and Ryan as often as I can this season. We finish on 18 rabbits.

Thanks for reading.


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