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Wasn't the best

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Had a little trot out with Mr wilks a few nights ago was not the most eventful but we did try.

Had to park were the farmer ask as Pocher's had been around  aparently. Lol

The wind was up and the sky was black..... Well blackish anyway,..

We had to walk the long way around  to get in  possitition and it was not a route I had taken in the dark or one Mr wilks had used at all

We got a couple of nets out but did not expect much but still as we was there we must try lol.

Supposedly it was a black night but we could see cattle in the field and this never makes me happy. we tried to walk amongst them but it wasnt making  me feel confident so I walked the edge of the field dragging a spare peg along the wall in the how that the noise would put the rabbits up.

Mr wilks walked the other side and up to the net to deal with rabbits as the come in...


We caught fook all.. but we will be back at it any day now.


Rather be out and fail due to reasons out of my control than sat home dreaming about getting out to


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Got be in it to win it, I got me nets out shed other night an loaded em in motor, went an took dogs for a quick toilet over back fields an wife phones to say she was goin out could she use my motor, I said aye then went to work in her motor an after work drive to a spot o liked look of an no nets in boot☹️😳😂 only time I wasn’t calling her everything was when I was calling meself a tosser all way home 😂

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Good on yous both,, F all wrong in drawing a blank, it happens, not often but it happens due to numerous reasons,  which are beyond our control. This night time netting is slowly but surely going out of favour which is extremely painful, so keep up the good work lads. 


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Good to see you pair are out regardless of result. I am guilty of waiting for perfect conditions had 2 good drops lined up. like a txxxt I have waited & waited now it looks like lampers have beat me to it. the longer I live the less I fxxxxxg learn. 

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12 hours ago, dytkos said:

Does Mr. Wills get a carers allowance?

Cheers, D.

I do my best to keep a eye on him but I’m sure your aware he’s a jacamo stand in for the tv ad and i Def wouldn’t be able to carry him off a fell... air ambulance would prob struggle 😂

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