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Took the wife lamping

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Not a big bag but not very often we get a nite on our own so the wind was up so took the dogs out for a hour and picture not the best but a good nite and the dogs got a bit of work 

Back in the 80s, I used to take my Wife along on all the paid rabbit jobs,...I always charged for a two-man team,...she worked dirt cheap...

I took my missus lamping,trailed her all the way up the Dales to some of the most inhospitable and difficult of land imaginable,she still found her way back.

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I took the mrs years ago. We had a foot pack and were pushing woods through. I had the younger running dog and gave her the more experienced one. Neither dog was bad mannered and I normally ran them with no problem. I dropped her off on her corner of the wood and said let the fox come about about 40 yards then slip him. DO NOT slip him on hares as it was foxes only for the keeper that day. I went up to my spot and tucked somewhere quiet. Hounds started to speak so my eyes are scanning everywhere. Next thing I see my old dog running a hare in front of all the guns. I flew down on the quad to bollock her and my mates literally on his knees. He said that’s the funniest thing I ve ever seen. Hare came out and normally I just say steady and the dogs will behave. She never knew and the old dog dragged her 20 yards face down . I could nt bollock her as her bottom lip was going by the time I got to her. She did have 2 with him that day so she still comes out now and again.  

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