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    • By Lurcherman332
      Well took a big leap of faith with my bitch having such a good collie grey for marking and ferreting all round really had my heart set out for another one. Whilst looking for one I came across a beddy whippet greyhound and after reading up about the x I thought I’d have ago. After many choice words, tantrums and hard work she really is proving to be a top notch dog marking is second to none  catching bolting rabbits obedience and mostly her heart what a dog so happy everything paid off and if any ferreting man is looking for a hard working dog with brilliant Capabilities Don’t over look a bedlington x 

    • By JMxyrz
      Im after abit of advice on training my 8month old bull X on the lamp.its my first dog I have had from being 9 weeks but have always been out with other lads. Wouldn’t say I’m a 100% newbie but still have a lot to learn. Any help is appreciated 

    • By two crows
      found this old article

    • By IanIan452
      Got a 7 month old Saluki cross on 6 week min cage rest anyone selling a mag box ? 
    • By Systema
      Sadly Mick Douglas has passed away a few years ago ,its interesting to hear from others who knew him or met him .
      I had 2 lurchers from Mick and as you see later will put up some photos .
      I was young at the time ,but his advice on training and working  was a great help,in my hunting trips.
      He was his own man ,living up on the marshes and had a lot of skills too.
      I enjoyed being in his present,never did i feel he talked bullshit and what was passed to me made a lot of sense,
      you be sadly missed my friend and thank you for sharing your knowledge to me ......