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Guard dogs

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Feck feeding another dog , just put up a couple of Isis flags .. got the police watching my house 24/7 now 👍

I married a Northern lass good with kids bit agressive around house & can cook. No one visits anymore. Atb

If you want a yard dog and something to guard your kennels i personally dont think you can beat a well bred bandog type.Naturally territorial,generally not dog aggressive if properly socialised,physic

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3 hours ago, keepdiggin said:

Anyone had dealings with Akita’s? I’ve never really seen the appeal 

Only dealing I've had with one was when I was a kid...got out of it's house and chased us so we ran into the nearest house and had to slam it's head in the front door lol

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these 2 are on pet for homes as workers with a new litter a few days old! If I had the money they are the kinda pup I'd get for guarding, look at the condition of both and they have a great write up on temp and health! Quality pet/guard IMO atb Criss



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4 minutes ago, keepdiggin said:

Why don't you see Rottweiler s ect like you did in the 90s sure they were a lot better then 

That's what I thought. The bitch reminds me of one bitch my bro had about 3 years ago, not kc and looked the part but had cancer 

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20 hours ago, keepdiggin said:

Anyone had dealings with Akita’s? I’ve never really seen the appeal 

It's funny, whenever that breed is mentioned everyone has stories of absolute savage beasts. Whereas the only one I've met is a giant and a complete f***ing coward, it'd let a child strangle it to death before it mustered up any aggression! Soft as shit but utterly f***ing useless.

Make a nice rug mind. I'd just tell folk it was off a f***ing Panda!

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