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Started well

Foxpack 2

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Last day today up on the hills ,done some good spots ,lifted 1 out of massive wood ,little dogs done well .fox was cleanly shot ,Brian bolted ,dog n a vixen out of a big earth, both accounted for ,tried 3 more earths ,nothing home .Last spot of day was a biggish rock spot ,fox was just not for leaving it ,just nipping about inside  .Was a great day to finish our season .and now the farmers are ready to lamb big time ,20190303_095033.jpg.98b86d1287dc6c66e860a628740a193e.jpg


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Day out with mate who shepherds on a fell , he had been seeing good few foxes about , first spot we struck 2 close to each other , one made good his escape using a river bank to his advantage, gun cou

Day started off wet , nothing in first few spots and was ready to throw towel in . But decided to do a shore line full of whinny patches etc , wind was howling off the sea and I didn’t have much hope

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5 minutes ago, Foxpack 2 said:

Little Brian done well again ,worth his weight in gold ,sadly he is getting on now and today it is showing .but it has been a proper days graft for him .


Well done mate the Brian some little dog thanks for sharing your days brilliant ⁸

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Just now, fireman said:

Thanks for this thread Foxpack,really enjoyed your posts and well done those little workers you got each and every one of them..:victory:..

Cheers mate ,they earn there keep that's for sure .just another year older though . Both man and dog .lol .Hopefully all the youngsters will have a good summer and be there season next season.hopefull have some young stock on to .

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