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The ones in your picture are just the job. Round mouth and a graft for the edges. Then a heavy graft and a sharp tooth, all you need. If your working on a banking, a mattock is a great tool to level off as well, also good working around roots under a tree.

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31 minutes ago, Rabbit Hunter said:

Got to disagree with that one Rob, the wood ones soon give way to wear and tear a lot quicker than a steel one.

Of course they do, the steel ones are forgiving and are able for a bit of stick but the wooden ones do last for many seasons if you uses them as they should be used. I wouldn’t have a wooden one now as there’s no reason to pick one over a steel one, but they’re handy light if your used to the steel ones.

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I can't take anyone serious when I see them with a wooden handle spoon, it's all well and good scooping loose up with it but you won't be breaking up heavy ground with one. I don't want to dig to a terrier like I'm on time team, I won't to get there as quickly as possible. 

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