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Shock, beep and spray collars to be banned!

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:lol:  about sums it up.  Now a little press of a button a little yelp and old fenton would probably never look at a deer again and get fun walks off lead down the park lol. Instead of that the old boy prob kicked the shit out of him and dog didn't have a clue why and don't like the owner much any more and still likes to chase santa's little helpers

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3in the right hands  there good training tool , but the people who should use them pet owners etc , wouldn't  because they think there to cruel   ok fair enough  .But the people  who are the worst using them , are our so called working dog people . he a example , on a shoot i used beat on  , a gun's   lab dog   ran in on another  gun's shot bird, so this twat  the owner give the dog full  wack of its e/collar , the dog  went flat across the field, right in to the next field  , then across a main road , nearly getting run over by a car . it was fecking   right mess what happened , with this prick   loosing his temper with the dog. i had go at him, told him what thought of him ,  which didnt go down with the keeper lol   . anyway used to train a dog to leave sheep etc , they very good thing, but you still havent got  to give the dog full wack , you can build it up, 1st, wack , try 2nd wack, if the dog dont take notice , most dogs get the idea after few wacks, if stops dog grabbing a sheep, it prob save it life  from getting shot from the farmer . But  even though the law on there side, and any dog should be kept on a lead by live stock if there not trained, but it does piss me of regards farmers and sheep/ cattle , they got no REAL thoughts for animals, it not compassion  etc like gen pet owner for there dogs, a sheep just £  50-60 quid in a farmer eyes  nothing else  , and they all end up on your dinner plate  after all . all my lurcher are broke to sheep , and  never use a lead they walk to heal through sheep, had few farmers come over giving the big bollocks  , dogs should be kept on leads , told them what the dogs doing   fook all  , there walking to heal, they soon shut up  once they see the dogs are well behaved   , got no time for them, more so when your on a public path ,alot are  arrogant attitude  , they never wanted you in the countryside , but they soon want you to  use there  products   grain / meat     fook'um . 

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Cheap, political point-scoring !

An easy target, which most of the general public will instinctively dislike.............but very, very few will ever use, and even fewer will understand.

DEFRA states that is no case for banning the collars, then, 2 weeks later and with no additional research, decide there IS a case for banning them ! 

An unpopular government trying to do something 'popular' - "see how much we care.......were banning owners from electrocuting their dogs !" Undiluted, totally transparent bollox !

Michael Gove is a w4nker of the highest order !

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Yep very true and if your dog does take off the only way your going to catch the sod is if it pulls the sheep down :(

They think they are helping the dogs but they are not and you can't police it so the people using them badly will still be at it unfortunately 

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