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How long do pups howl?

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Sounds like alot going on in your house, without much regularity to it. Ie, you going to work at different times, for different lengths of time. And getting up at 3 am aint going to help you either. Y

You tried a radio on when you leave it? Or old alarm clock ticking away in its bed? 

Don’t over complicate things  In the house  i don’t let a pup free in the house until he’s able to contrast between inside rest : outside play , it’s a habit that’s get created by you  habit

1 minute ago, mushroom said:

Electricity is your ally in this my friend. Put the pup into a cage at night, wire it to the mains with one of those plugs with a remote control. When it howls, light the little fuucker up ;)

I preferd your hot plate kennel invention 

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One of my old bull xs did as a pup Charlie I ended up putting a couple of ferrets in there cages in front of him to take his mind of it every time he moaned one usually showed itself and took his mind of it like a few have said radio/ bone  walks etc even a jumper with your scent on some say works monty  a terrier was only quiet when in company of another dog every mutt is different i hope everything works out buddy and you find your answer 

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16 minutes ago, Black neck said:

No you said she was pretty sensible for a young in and plenty drive what more can you ask for a lamper 

Definitely mate I’m optimistic that it’ll all go to plan an she’ll do me well. It’s Down to me to put the gear infont of her An make anything serviceable of her

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