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Had to let go

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Thanks lads , he wasn’t a 100% hunter as most of yours was but he did his bit,  I was happy in the bits he did,  missed lots as I got ready to take him out tonight as had to shake myself,, hey he had everything I could give him,, thanks..

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 Never gets any easier losing your dogs through illnesss injury, or old age,when you have had them from pups moulded them into your way of life,and they have done there damndest for you in their working lives, the last thing you can do is your damndest for them in return ,for the loyalty they gave you,its great to know there are still lads about who keep their dogs for life. whether their good or bad,allmy dogs stay with me all their lives and will never join the chain of lurchers being traded on  by chop and change merchants, hope you  get another pup soon and give it the care and work you gave to the dog you just lost.atb.

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