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my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

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just been down to check the cam which i cant remember when it was last checked. threw done a salt/mineral lick block and bag of grain. what i am after to see is the bigger bucks antlers in v

Things just went crazy   ok sat here all day again from 10am hawfrost all over the place,rolling fog. hunkered up again in the blind. nothing until 3.40pm i seen a deer.poke t

Ok one photo is of a bear baiting stand. The bones are from the meat off cuts that is used for bait   the second photo is of fresh wolf tracks. A pack of wolves used a logging road, two

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43 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

What’s meat like compared to meat we get in uk ted? Is it like any our stuff

depends on what meat you are getting mate lol


elk meat is delicious,very slight 'gamey' taste to it,almost like beef

moose is the same really.


deer meat is really 'gamey'

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23 minutes ago, mackem said:

Any luck on the moose mate?You can feel winters in the air here.

seen 6 saturday morning but didnt even get close enough to take a shot.

in the middle of a snowstorm as i type,so booked off this thurs friday as weather is sunny but minus 8c during the day

perfect moose weather ( just fckn jinxed meself)

fingers crossed got thurs,friday,sat,sun and monday is a holiday here for remembrance day

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a landowner has just contacted me and the pig trapper will be setting up on his land

he has a square i think 12ft square cage trap with a 3G cam linked to the electronic trap door.

when the pigs enter the trap ( all of the sounder ) the phot goes to his phone

and he from home set the trap door off.


this should be fun

pics to come

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