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my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

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just been down to check the cam which i cant remember when it was last checked. threw done a salt/mineral lick block and bag of grain. what i am after to see is the bigger bucks antlers in v

Things just went crazy   ok sat here all day again from 10am hawfrost all over the place,rolling fog. hunkered up again in the blind. nothing until 3.40pm i seen a deer.poke t

Ok one photo is of a bear baiting stand. The bones are from the meat off cuts that is used for bait   the second photo is of fresh wolf tracks. A pack of wolves used a logging road, two

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Open rifle elk season kicks off this saturday.. off down to my mates hunting area with 5 others.

i havent hunted with more than one person before so not sure how this will go plus the forestry is open to anyone who buys a tag


just re zeroed my rifle yesterday as i got some HK sling studs fitted to my stock. Cause i am an old git carrying a rifle all day becomes a pain

i wont posting over the weekend because cell service is the fckn shits


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Just been out on the first morning 

few bulls were bulgling 

went down one elk track and followed the tracks and fresh scat

called a few times but nowt was responding.. what probably didnt help was a wolf pack started howling just after day break.

found were the elk get to drink also.

randomly came across scaffold set up as a high seat lol





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We went back out last night

got to one spot and another hunter was there. He was cow calling so we left. When we got out of the bush we heard him take a shot, not sure if he plugged one.


we moved off to another spot but didnt see or hear anything.

back to the lodge for dinner and drinks.


its rained heavy all night and still raining, so now waiting for the weather to clear up before heading out again

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Went back out today at 3.30 and trekked around 8kms to a known spot.

did some calling and no replies.

walked around a clearing to find a gut pile. We did hear two shots yesterday evening but we weren't exactly sure of the location.


we trekked a bit more thru the popular trees to find this square block of spruce trees. Find a fair few trees rubbed by the bull elk



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Went out again this morning 

spooked a spiker bull but didnt get a shot off as the bush was very thick.

mate started. Ull calling and i caught the rear end of a cow nipping thru some cover.


headed back to the truck and we got 30 yds on a cow and really nice bull moose.

just grabbing something to eat and last trek out 


the elk that are being shot are straggler spiker bulls.

no one can locate the bigger bulls with the herd of cows. Thats hunting for you

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