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16 hours ago, walshie said:

You probably could cut them down but I wouldn't. They'd be too short when you are standing up then. I find my elbow and knee perfectly good for sitting shots.

I took the rubber foot off the outer leg yesterday to have a look but the inner leg is only an Inch or two smaller than the outer so I couldnt do it anyway.... I'm only 5'6" so I'm only likkle... 😜... 

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19 hours ago, mark williams said:

Phil, get one of those Jack Pyke pigeon buckets with the swivel seat, it also carries a lot of gear for you when going static hunting.

                A big tip, sit with your back against a fence or tree trunk - both give greater accuracy to you.



                                   atb  Mark.

This looks about the best idea, thx mark


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Sticks, bipods, trees, fences, gates car bonnet etc, everyone has their preferences.      I'm not big on sticks at all, they are all a pain to carry around as far as I'm concerned, but I do use quite high bipods at times, or any other type of support I can find.

Everyones shooting circumstances are different and we all have our preferences.  Good luck in your quest here! :thumbs:


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Pigeon bucket and sticks are ok for  static hunting  but sticks are a pain to carry round with you . I have both but haven't used them for some time , most of my shooting in the field , (rabbits , pigeons) are off the knee same as squirrels in the woodland . Pigeons in woodland may be off a tree or a branch , kneeling or freehand 

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Surely if you have one of the legs forward and the remaining two splayed in front and by the side of you if that makes sense, you would have no problem. Works for me 

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Thanks for all the replies and ideas guys... I've left the sticks as they are and I've made a small two leg bipod out of an old washing line airer, very light and compact but stand taller than a normal bipod but smaller than the primos, will only use them when sitting in wait as I sit on the floor not on a seat..... 

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