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Okay ......... 

Dont know how to bring it to you guys......

Didnt buy either of them.

I bought a new hw85.

Didnt fire a shot, stripped the rifle directly.

I cut of 6 coils and torched the end and square flattened the end on the 90 degree grinder.

I also degreesed the internals and cleaned the barrel. Adjusted the trigger and put it back together. One thing I noticed : the spring guide actually had a good fit! Except for a hw55..... I never saw an off the mill weihrauch with an acceptable springguide fit.

Maybe they start listening to us afterall?

My wife and I will only use this rifle for offhand 15 meter spinner shooting and 10meter paper punching. Thats why I shortened the full power spring.


Thanks for all the reply's. Much appriciated lads!


(For those not familiar with the 85: the action is the same as the 95 action. But it has a longer barrel, interchangeable frontpost inserts and a different stock)




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I had a few 35s. I LOVED the barrel release catch. But after shooting a LOT of plets my thumb got sore. And I couldnt get along with that fat 30mm piston. I also had an lgv, superb barrel release catch. But no wood stock and no interchangeable inserts.


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