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My ferrets vulva grazed!

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Iodine?????????? No way. Far too strong on such a delicate area. Bit of sudocrem is about as harsh as a swollen vulva can tolerate, though chances are the ferret will lick it off. Keep her in a very clean hutch/run. Clean out every day. Don't use wood shavings, use straw. Wood shavings can seriously irritate.

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I would leave it alone let her or if there's other ferrets in with her lick it , keep a eye on it and if it gets dirty wipe with a baby wipe . but being honest it depends how bad the graze is a hob ferret can do some damage there and it never bothers them 

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8 hours ago, rabbit demon said:

The hob needs 8 weeks to stop producing, if you stick your jill in with him at the end of the month and hes only had the operation 2 weeks ago, theirs still a chance of your jill having kits. 

My vet actually advised waiting 3 months, just to be on the safe side.

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Because it like when a human gets the snip you have a reservoir  and they ask you to give two samples weeks apart but on a ferret you cant take samples so you wait three months to be sure his tanks are empty . I would google it from  a ferret friendly vet mate or your going to end up with loads of kits 

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