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Killers From the Very Beginning!!!

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3 minutes ago, Robbusher said:

How many would you keep back from the litter to try work yourself and what do you do with the surplus kits that you don’t keep never see owt like the videos you post👍👍

I have a bunch of people wanting to buy them. I have 3 litters totaling to 19 babies. I will keep around half a dozen. 

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3 minutes ago, Minkenry said:

Depends. I've seen them sell for under $100 and I've seen them sell for over $1,000. 

Huge discrepancy in price there 'enry,how much are ferrets?

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1 hour ago, mackem said:

Huge discrepancy in price there 'enry,how much are ferrets?

The pet stores sell them for around $100-$150 as far as I can tell, but I don't buy ferrets so I don't know how much they go for with private breeders. 

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On 28/05/2018 at 16:38, mackem said:

Huge discrepancy in price there 'enry,how much are ferrets?

It's against most state laws to work ferrets in the USA,so there all pet bred and many many are full of interbreeding problems..

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On 29/05/2018 at 01:45, foxdropper said:

Have you ever kept a ferret with a mink .

I never have, but from what I've been told by people who have tried, there are 3 common outcomes. One is that the mink will see the ferret as prey and kill it. A second possible out come is the mink will see the ferret as a buddy, but the mink's rough play and high energy is far too much for the ferret to handle and the two must be separated for the ferret's sanity/safety. A third possible out come is things will work out just fine, and the mink and ferret get along great. My understanding is this outcome is far less prevalent than the other two. 


Believe it or not I have heard of a few rare instances where the mink is bullied by the ferret, but that outcome is by far the least likely scenario.  

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On 29/05/2018 at 13:37, foxdropper said:

Ferrets and mink brought up together are no problem at all .

It totally depends on the animals in question. I know of several friends who have lost ferrets to mink. Some were killed in what appeared to be an accident, when the mink played too rough with their much more fragile cousin, and others it was clearly deliberate, with the mink pulling the ferret through the wire of its cage, or escaping when one of the ferrets were out and killing it outright. Just because they are raised together does not guarantee a good outcome. Remember that even between mink, killing their own siblings is not uncommon. Imagine how much more at risk ferrets are!

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