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As an aside,...having been a member of this unique, hunting men's website, for several years,...I would have to congratulate Collie John for his sheer consistency... I fecking hate, users, and ab

you think they were brothers  , wouldn't you !!   Bryn  1x colle x grey , he was  bred   greyhound  dam . sire working farm collie . he be about   3  here , he  11  this sep  , and still fit for his a

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On 14 May 2018 at 21:42, Marsh Lad said:

Collie whippet greys just  Worker to worker

This the thing two many only see a xs type on f1,they beget more and more typey ,lookers with each and every generation .both very nice animas there was a time when ther was lots a collie whip greys aboutthatwere very racey  these were the mane stake of the coney lampreys in most given areas decades back.that whippet invariably fines them down giving the strong racey structure of the xs.atb bill

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That was a welp I gifted out collie whippet xs whippet grey butt like a brick house now around nineteen inches seven mths no sooner ya had grey or collie to the roach back type whips they straighten them out .big difference in a direct roach of some kinds and a raised loin totally different ,the roach type of some peds gives the. Movement of whippet not grey hence they can stay far far longer.,the mixing of non peds been done with great results over fifty yrs producing very fast animals that can hang on a wee while the peds of coursing stock with roach you type backs can stay on and on and on , it's all about getting the right type. And having personal experience of both types and mixes of the two.,I have seen a roach back type xes with ped type was a top grade animal on small edible day and night it was virtually bottomless .that was a moss field Margaret xs non ped type  ,he covered saluki types from Len French type Salukis and they all killed big land small land .i would  not see to much in to this roach back ,even though personally I prefer a straight back with a broad loin just alters the action of running.atb bill

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On 15 May 2018 at 09:51, colliejohn said:

Sooner have that type than the roach back pedigree whippets their a lot more robust back to a straight leggy collie they'd throw handy types like Phil Lloyd's dogs.Regards Collie John

Phil loads jukels i believe poses both ped and non ped whips may be wrong but I doubt it.atb bill

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2 hours ago, colliejohn said:

Sooner have that type than the roach back pedigree whippets their a lot more robust back to a straight leggy collie they'd throw handy types like Phil Lloyd's dogs.Regards Collie John

Same as yourself fellah,... I only breed a few wee dogs, to suit my own needs...

 Not overly concerned as to what other folks want,..mine are usually gifted to like-minded souls, so the whelps are only ever used for a bit of mouching...

Luckily, we all manage to catch a few rabbits and birds, and its always good craic to hear how the pups turn out..but, it ain't too serious👍


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On 15 May 2018 at 13:08, troyboy17 said:

Can u remember  the first cross will hay  of chris cowdell  he sired a lot of bitches 

Yes can remember will hay gold promise good as gold Caroline's choice Bilco bel of the list whistle endless there's a few round round us bred down from the greats bred on the purple I like em xes with good coursing peds .then xs over a collie or terrier type Lurcher,fast grassland in the winter we know yas need that little bit more pace when they jumping up thirty yes and more from yas and flying overly slow types will only fill the pot on this ground it's a fine line at times but getting away from f1collie etc breeding fa the faster ground invariably his a must.i know there the exceptions but on the whole they need that little bit extra the red animal above his a good type for a f1x to be covered with.far better animals will be gotten this his a fact ,out early doors they learn ta run any type a land . ya not going lose any robustness most cases they come stronger .and using a mix of whippet types they quite of often stay longer it's a lot more about mentality when the chips are down and the lungs a burning .seems like some of the f1s might be thinking should I stay or should I go ,lol atb bill

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